Violence: A Playlist

Music is an art form which allows us to express ourselves. It allows us to explore many aspects of life in a lyrical, melodious, and harmonious way. Violence has become (unfortunately) an integral part of our lives. Shout out to Ursula Le Guin for that absolute downer. So naturally there is a lot of music out... Continue Reading →


Rape In India: Violence Against Women

Trigger warning: Rape, graphic descriptions, and violence. Rape is one of the most violent acts known to man. It is a sad and horrific reality that has been perpetrated against women for many centuries. While rape happens all over the world, it is a extremely concerning and growing problem in India. As a British Indian,... Continue Reading →

Under the Knife Is Your Inner Beauty

Plastic. Derived from the the greek plastikos, 'to mould'. Plastic surgery has been around since 600 BC. Sushruta, an ancient Indian physician, is thought to be one of the first plastic surgeons (Robinson, 2015: n.p). What a lad. His practices have led to what we now use to help those who have been disfigured, injured, or are born... Continue Reading →

The Ones Who Walk Away

Let's face it - when we screw up it is so much easier to blame someone or something else. If it's not our fault then we don't have to feel guilty about it. It's undeniable that when we scapegoat, even on the most minuscule scale, there is a sense of revilement that would not exist... Continue Reading →

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